Rolls of Honour for Rhodesians domiciled in the country during the civil war "Rhodesian Bush War" from 1964-1980.

noneIn Memoriam

Button for Farmer Roll of Honour for those killed in Bush War and by Dissidents and during Farm Invasions

Photograph of medals as button to open Roll of Honour to serving members who died in the Rhodesian Bush War in memoriam

Button to open Bush War Medical Corps ROH and book of remembrance

Silhouette of Elim Mission victims as title page to enter In Memoriam Missionaries from Bush War

Photograph of Viscount as a button to open the names of pilots, crew and passengers who died when civilian Air Rhodesian Viscounts were shot down by insurgents during the Bush War

Photograph of Chimanimani Mountains as a button to open the names of loved ones held in loving memory in Rhodesia.

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