Experiences of a second generation Rhodesian who grew up there then moved to Zambia after five years in Mugabe's Zimbabwe.


For a short time in history, a small country had the name "Rhodesia".

Photo of second generation Rhodesian farmerThis site reviews opponents of the Rhodesian Bush War giving strengths and casualties; and the effects on civilians. There is history of the conflict with the Portuguese regarding boundaries and the end of the slave trade. These papers can be opened in 'Interest'.

Having worked in agriculture, homage is paid to the farmers, wives and their families who were embroiled in the conflict which escalated from 1972 and extended beyond Independence in 1980. Some fell on active service during call-up, but most were killed on their own farms. A Farmer Roll of Honour is compiled of commercial farmers and their families. The official RNFU records did not proceed beyond September 1979 so in 2014 the webmaster searched beyond Independence, through the Farm Invasions to the last tragic losses. Various Rolls Of Honour can be opened under 'Memoriam'.

Rhodesians volunteered to serve the United Kingdom in the Anglo Boer War, World War I and II. My father traversed Italy with the 17th Rhodesian Battery in WWII and my grandfather was Operation Hurricane 1974-5 beer mug owned by Steve Bennett from JOC Binduracaptured in France. I am the third generation that saw service with a Rhodesian force during conflict. A 'Roll of Honour' lists those serving members domiciled in Rhodesia that made the ultimate sacrifice during the Bush War. Lists and tragic details of missionaries, nurses, International Red Cross are recorded on this page 'Missionaries, Doctors, Nurses and Red Cross'. More than 100 civilian lives were lost when two commercial flights were downed by missiles and details have been compiled in this account 'Viscounts'.

The Rhodesian diaspora has spread far and wide while many stayed. Active 'Associations' are described and a list of annual 'Reunions' is recorded.


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