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Associations, Foundations, Publications & Trusts


Borradaile Trust

BT operates homes for the aged in Marondera. It is a registered UK and Zimbabwe charity and is administered in Marondera by Anton Lees.


BSAP Regimental Association

The UK branch was set up in 1923 with the objectives of providing benevolence, comradeship British South Africa Police emblemand remembrance to former members of the BSAP and their families. With over 600 members, there are five main functions every year - the Regimental Dinner, AGM, Braai, Remembrance Parade and Christmas Sundowner. The Outpost magazine is published three times a year.

The association is looking for new members so visit the home page for details and application for membership here.

There is a national branch in Australia and another one in Queensland.


Facebook public page: Desperately Seeking Rhodesians/Zimbabweans lost friends/Relatives

Visit by clicking here.


Flame Lily Foundation

The Flame Lily Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation which has been in existence for over 30 years and was initially the Rhodesia Association of South Africa - RASA.Flame Lily Foundation

The Foundation endeavours to promote, further and secure the interests of members and former residents of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and their descendants living in South Africa. In pursuit of this, they facilitate residential accommodation for persons over the age of 60 who have settled in South Africa. When called upon, they provide limited welfare assistance to deserving former residents of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - in particular to the aged and the disabled. The establishment of a good working relationship with the Zimbabwe Government Pensions Office in Harare is assisting some who have had their pensions withheld.
The Foundation also endeavours to preserve the heritage of Rhodesia and to promote interest in the country’s history and culture. To achieve these objects, they rely on the goodwill of the South African community as a whole, former residents of Rhodesia in general, and dedicated volunteers in particular. About 2,000 paid up members in South Africa and overseas are involved and provide this support. FLF was involved with the Viscount Memorial project and promotes the annual commemorative services that are held at the Voortrekker Monument & Heritage Site. Magazines and newsletters for members provide national and branch news, articles from the cherished past, book launches, letters, dates of forthcoming events throughout the year - such as the Remembrance Days in November across South Africa. A gazette with news coverage from Zimbabwe today is also distributed.

The Managing Committee is Mike Russell (Chairman), Ned Donkin (Vice-Chairman), John Parsons (Treasurer) and John Redfern (Secretary).

Visit the Flame Lily Foundation website for more information, or to join, click here.


JOC Rhodesia

The number of members of Rhodesia associations has been dwindling every year due to illness or passing on, so Clive Bloor of Rhodesian Air Force Association proposed that the best way forward is to amalgamate the members of former Rhodesian Security Forces personnel into one group, for now called JOC Rhodesia. This association is open and associations with small numbers of members are welcome, and those former Rhodesian forces members who have no association of their own.

Clive explains the plans:
“Although we will all come under the umbrella of JOC Rhodesia, each ‘unit’ will retain its own identity.
Reunions will be held twice a year, with all attendees wearing their ‘unit’ regimental blazers etc.
A temporary committee has been formed to steer this project to its fulfilment.
There will be no joining fee and no annual subs: instead, we will raise our funds through kind donations and fund-raising events. It is hoped that those who find difficulty paying annual subs will find a donation scheme of how much each feels he/she can afford, more appealing.
We have designed a flag that includes all the ‘units’ of the Rhodesian Forces.

It is planned to have two set reunions every year. The first reunion will be held at the Royal British Legion Club, 58 Rykneld Street, Alrewas, Staffordshire DE13 7AX to coincide with the July Braai.
The second reunion will be held at the Royal Air Force Associations (RAFA) club at 93 Ashburnham Road, Bedford MK40 1EA on the Remembrance Sunday weekend.
Hopefully, those ‘units’ who cannot afford a memorial at the NMA can be helped by our fund-raising activities and donations to have a memorial erected.

The first AGM will be on 12th November 2023 in Bedford. By this time, we will have identified committee positions needed and anyone at the AGM can volunteer for a position. At the AGM committee positions will be finalised. The AGM is open to JOC Rhodesia members only.

Membership is open to all races who served in the Rhodesian Forces and to those who stayed at home to keep the ’fires burning’.
All former Air Rhodesia, Air Trans-Africa (ATA) and  RUAC staff are welcome to join.
Those who are already members of the Rhodesian Air Force Association UK, and those who have already applied, will be automatically added to the JOC Rhodesia list of members.
Members of the Rhodesian Air Force Association UK who do not wish to join us in JOC Rhodesia, are free not to do so, please just let us know.
All other former Rhodesian Forces personnel and Air Rhodesia, ATA and RUAC will need to apply for membership. This is a simple formality, just email rhodaf.UK through the gmail email address to register your interest in joining. This way we can generate a full list of all members.

All monies collected through donations and fund raising will be banked at Barclays in the account of the Rhodesian Air Force UK until further notice.

The Temporary Committee has been announced. The Steering Committee as it stands for the formation of JOC Rhodesia:
Chairman – Vincent Buckingham
Communications – Clive Bloor
Secretary and Treasurer – Sue Talbot
Events Organiser – Martyn Hudson
Legal Advisor – Shaun Ryan
Fund Raiser – Steve Crump
Collections Advisor – Chris Baxter

At present the Combined Rhodesian Security Forces Collection is housed in the Rhodesian Air Force Association club in Bedford. The RAFA club has served us well, and we salute their help over the past 16 years. However, we have much to display and not a lot of room. For this reason, we are currently negotiating with a number of established military museums in the counties north of Bedford to rent space for our collection. We feel that with the collection more ‘mid-country’ than south, will enable those in the north to visit it as easily as those in the south. It could take several months to complete.

New Rhodesian Forum

A platform for discussion and sharing photographs.


Pensioners Fund

PF assists about 20 established homes for the aged and needy pesnioners in Zimbabwe.

In the past abandoned elderly people and children were a rarity.  Due to the current political and economic uncertainty prevailing throughout Zimbabwe this is no longer the case.  The number of individuals affected is soaring daily.  Many motivated and well subscribed charity organisations focus on the burgeoning street kid population.  International Aid organisations have a longstanding focus on the plight of our rural people.  Many well-respected groups assist the ever-increasing needs required by various orphanages.  More recently elderly people in our community on limited pensions are unable to sustain themselves effectively and a number of horrific situations have come to light.  A group of local businessmen formed an alliance with a view to channelling assistance to these elderly people and so the Pensioner’s Fund was formed.

PF is a non-registered Zimbabwe fund administered by trustees under John Legat.


Rhodesian African Rifles AssociationPhoto of Rhodesian African Rifles soldier with MAG and a Regimental badge

The RARA unveiled the RAR Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum near Alrewas, in Staffordshire, England, on Sunday 19th of July 2015.

Chairman of RARA (UK) is Pat Lawless. Committee members are: Malcolm Clewer, David Heppenstall, Keith Adams, John Hopkins, Vince Leonard, Bill Liversidge, Rory McKenna, Nigel Heppenstall and Hobo Hobson.


Rhodesian Air Force Association UK

Rhodesian Air Force emblem drawn by ©Dudley Wall

RAFA maintains a network of former serving members and families through activities and publishes an informative newsletter with topical and aviation news. Annual subscriptions are £10. A Memorial for the Rhodesian Air Force was commisioned and the association coordinate visits by Air Force members to the Rhodesian Military Museum, Bedford, England.


Rhodesian Army Association, UK

The RAA was formed early in 1989 in the UK as a focal point and to organise reunions andRhodesian army crest which is the right side logo of the Rhodesia Army Association logo Rhodesian army crest which is the left side of the Rhodesian Army Association logomaintain contact between former members of the Army. A website is run on behalf of all military units that were operational in Rhodesia from 1967 to 1980. The AGM is held in May (Visit 'Reunions' on this webiste for more details). The RAA incorporates the Rhodesia Army Association Museum Trust which is a registered charity.

Membership enquiries: The Secretary of The Rhodesian Army Association, The Oaks, Park Farm Close, Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1LD, England.


Rhodesian Association of Western AustraliaLogo of Rhodesian Association of WA (Inc)

The Rhodesian Association of Western Australia is a social group that organises functions and events for Rhodesians and Zimbabweans. The Association provides an important opportunity for newly arrived Rhodesians and Zimbabweans to join a social group, and be put in contact with, and receive general advice from others who have settled in Western Australia.

The RAWA website can be visited here


Rhodesian Ex-Services Association

Rhodesians have marched at the Sydney ANZAC March since 1980 thanks to local liaison between President Ryk Dabrowski with the NSW Returned and Services League.

More information about the March in 2023 can be viewed by clicking here.

This group communicates through a Facebook page that can be joined through this link here.


Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated) in NZ

The Rhodesian Services Association was formed in 2003, Incorporated in 2007 and Rhodesian Army logoregistered as a charity in New Zealand in 2008.

The purpose of the Association is to provide benefit and education to the community.

There are members throughout the world and membership is not restricted to ex services personnel. Anyone who has Rhodesian connection or interest is welcome. There are over 750 Financial Members.

The Lion and Tusk Museum opened in 2018 at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. On display is a collection of historical, cultural, artistic and scientific information displays, video, photos and writings that depict Rhodesia, and Rhodesians of all races, from the late 19th century until the country's transition to Zimbabwe in 1980.

Memoribilia from Rhodesia can be purchased from the association.


Rhodesian Services Association of Western Australia Incorporated

The Rhodesian Services Association of Western Australia Incorporated has been in existence for over 25 years in one form or another. It became a more formal group some 10 years ago, and in October 2016 it became an Incorporated Association in Western Australia. Despite the name, it is independent from the Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated in New Zealand.
All former members of all Rhodesian Services are invited to apply for membership of the Association which has its home at the Osborne Park Sub-branch RSL, Perth. They meet on the first Friday of every month for an informal get together and other events are held. The annual ANZAC March is held on 25th April.

Apply to join the group here.


Rhodesian Special Air Services (SAS), C Squadron

The aim of the Association is to provide a means by which Members can keep in touch with one another, maintain esprit de corps and consider and recommend assistance to Members, Widows and Children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in distressed circumstances.
Service covers the following: C Squadron, 22 Special Air Service Regiment (Malaya); “C” Squadron (Rhodesian) Special Air Service (1962–1978); and 1 (Rhodesian) Special Air Service Regiment (1978–1980). The numbers of men in the SAS went up to approximately 250 when in June 1978 “C” Squadron (Rhodesian) Special Air Service became 1 (Rhodesian) Special Air Service Regiment. The unit moved to their new barracks called Kabrit in 1979 and continued to serve with outstanding success and distinction until it was disbanded on 31 December 1980 with the transition to from Zimbabwe.

The "C" (Rhodesia) Squadron 22 SAS Regiment Association website can be opened here.


Rhodesian Veterans Association (Queensland) IncorporatedRhodesian Veterans Association logo

The Rhodesian Veterans Association is a charitable organisation that was formed to remember, support, communicate and connect ex-Rhodesian Service personnel. It was set up as means of supporting ex-servicemen and women in need across Australia. Their role is to provide a link between members of all the armed forces of Rhodesia, but most importantly remembering all those Rhodesians that lost their lives or suffered injury in war. Our membership of about 80 is open to all ex-service personnel and their families.

Visit the association website here.


Rotary Club of Harare Central

RCHC assists registered homes for the aged in Zimbabwe through Adopt a Grandparent programme (AaG). It is a registered Zimbabwe charity, AaG is administered by Ian Helby.


Save Our Aged People

S.O.A.P. assists individual pensioners in Zimbabwe with food parcels. It is a non-registered fund administered by Louise Campbell. They receive significent contributions and support from the Zimbabwe Aid Funds.

S.O.A.P. Bulawayo

S.O.A.P. Bulawayo supply to some of the pensioners in the following homes: Coronation Cottages, Garden Park Boarding House, Moths complex and Kinghaven in Esigodini. They also supply to people living in homes, cottages or in domestic quarters in and around Bulawayo. These houses are mostly derelict with broken window panes, leaking roofs and broken strip flooring. Two of the homes in the suburbs house three families each. 
Volunteer’s co-ordinate the sourcing, packing and delivery of the parcels. Each parcel costs US$90.00 and 130 pensioners are supplied with food parcels a month.

S.O.A.P. Harare

S.O.A.P. Harare supplies to some of the pensioners in the following homes: Masonic Lodge Homes, M.O.T.H Cottages, Fairways, Westreign, Flame Lily Lodge, Salvation Army Braeside, Muus Lodge at Shurugwe, Greenways Chegutu, Borradaile Trust, Marondera and Ruwa Trust.  In addition they supply to people living in houses and units around Harare.
Support, by way of donor’s funds, no matter how little, is crucial to the survival of these elderly pensioners. The parcels are delivered by volunteers each month. Each parcel costs around US$45 and 270 pensioners are supplied with food parcels.


The RLI Regimental Association

Membership is open to those who served honourably in the Rhodesian Light Infantry for at least six months during its 19 years as a commando airborne unit.

RLI Chairman is Dave Roberts. Membership fees for the UK/European/USA RLI Branch Association are not compulsory; but the majority of members do not make payment. Association fees are: Full member’s £15 Full members and family £20. Associate member’s £10 Associate members and family £15. Affiliate member’s £10 Affiliate members and family £15.


Selous Scouts Regimental Association

The Selous Scouts Association was formed on the 1st December 1981 in Johannesburg. The aim and objectives of the association are to bring together as many former Selous Scouts members as possible and to set up a communication network for ex-Scouts now spreading all over the world.


Zimbabwe Aid Fund

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund (ZAF) was established in Australia in 2006 for the sole purpose of raising funds to support the Pensioners in Zimbabwe. The plight of the elderly is one of the less publicized outcomes of Zimbabwe's social, economic and political collapse.

Zimbabwe Aid Fund (Australia)

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund in Australia is registered as a charity in NSW and Zimbabwe Aid Fund logoQueensland. For fifteen years, funds have been raised for pensioners in Zimbabwe. The Committee decided to step back and hand over the fund raising with effect from the 28th February 2023. The Fund will continue to operate for a further 2 months while the remaining funds are distributed to SOAP Bulawayo and Harare.

Donations can be deposited directly into the ZANE bank account in Australia.

The Maleny Golf Day & Lunch and raffles will continue to be held.

Zimbabwe Aid Fund (UK)

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK was established to raise money and source medical equipment and consumables to support the pensioners in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK logoThere are a number of facilities for the aged spread throughout Zimbabwe, but most of the medical facilities in Zimbabwe are run down so are dependent on various levels of external funding to survive. There is a lack of trained staff, a shortage of funds for medicines and consumables and most of the equipment is extremely old with many items being unserviceable as there are not the funds, skills or spare parts to repair them.

The elderly are supported in Zimbabwe through the raising of money for medical consumables and equipment, transportation of donated items, food and other items to support the welfare of the elderly.

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK does not support individual requests but liaises closely with other aid and assistance organisations such as Zimbabwe Aid Fund Australia, S.O.A.P., Homes in Zimbabwe and funds are deployed on a needs basis.

Visit the Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK website here for more information.


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