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The team at "Desp Seeking Rhodie Zim" on Facebook are very active. Contact them if you are on Facebook and Rhodesians Worldwide also posts requests. Otherwise, send an email to this site.

Jane Jones looking for Philippa Walters:
Philippa, born 1957-8, was a pupil at Highlands School, then Oriel Girls High School.
Please contact Jane Jones (Matthews)

Judy Smith wants information about ancestor John Robert Nicols:
I am hoping that you can help me find out what happened to my great uncle. I am writing from England.
He was one of Cecil Rhodes' team. His name was John Robert Nichols and he was the sanitation inspector, we believe he was responsible for building the sewers.
He travelled between Southampton, England and Durban many times, often with his wife Gertrude. I have discovered that she is buried in Livingstone Old Cemetery in Zambia, having died in 1937. I can find no records of him after this time. I don't know if he stayed in Rhodesia, but I guess that he might have done.
I would be so grateful for any information that you might have about him, his work, and what happened to him.
Yours hopefully,
Judy Smith.

Christopher Williams-Wynn looking for information on his grandmother Cornelia née Booysen
“Would you be able to advise on genealogical researchers in Zimbabwe?
I am seeking information on my great grandmother. Her details:
Name: Cornelia Elizabeth Williams-Wynn (nee Booysen)
Born: approximately 1906 in South Africa
Married: 1925 in South Africa to Arthur Montague Williams-Wynn
Died: 12 April 1986 in Harare
I am not exactly sure when she moved to Zimbabwe, probably some time in the 1960s or 1970s.”

Sue Cleveland looking for Andy Kristensen
Sue is looking for contact details for Andy Kristensen née Lovemore

Bram Massart is looking for Rhodesians in Belgium
I would like to get in contact with a Rhodesian.
I'm very interested to get to know more about the history of what seemed to be a good country to live. I was born in 1979 so I know little it's history. Because I am an ex soldier I like to read military biographies. As I dig deeper I discover more about your country and the injustice done by the world to it. It would be amazing to hear actual stories, perhaps even pictures, civil and military life, from people who lived there.

Bart Hetebrij looking for Ann Rayner/Raynor
I’m looking for Ann Rayner (or Raynor). She lived in Bulawayo with her parents (and brother or sister?). She left Rhodesia in 1979. I met her in Israel in the summer in 1979. I guess she was 20 years of age. We both worked at Kibbutz Masada (Jordan Valley) as volunteers. In the end of August we went both to the Netherlands. Shortly after she joined her family in England. I’m wondering how life worked out for her.

Patrick Hart is looking for past players from Postals rugby Club in Salisbury

Christian Beck, a German in Frankfurt, is interested in meeting former Rhodesian army members or Rhodesians
Chris is very interested in recent Rhodesian history and the Rhodesian armed forces. He would like to meet former army members or Rhodesians in Germany in the greater Frankfurt area.

Ronald Platt looking for information on an ancestor Robert Donald Hunt
Ron has a member of his Family Tree by the name of Robert Donald Hunt who was born in Rhodesia. He would have been about 100 now had he not died in the mid-70s. Ron would like any information about Robert Donald Hunt.

Stephen Miller looking for Nanette Buick
Nanette used to ride her bike up Ceres Rd, Avondale , Salisbury, every morning , on her way to school in the late 50 into 60s. I think she was also part of our group of children from single-parent families who travelled by train to Seaforth House, Seaforth Beach, Simonstown, Cape Province during a School Holiday. I lived in Jels Court, Ceres Rd.

Jake Malsbury is interested to meet veterans in Melbourne
I am a history student and bushcraft enthusiast living in Melbourne. I am interested in hearing the stories of Rhodesian veterans from the Bushwars in Africa, and was wondering if it would be possible to get in contact with any veterans living in Melbourne? I would like to meet.

Valerie Malcolm née Hunt looking for Karen Taylor née Hartnack
I have been trying to trace Karen. I worked with her in Rusape and was the only guest at her wedding to Bryan Taylor. Both were teachers. I last saw Karen and her daughter Nicky in Natal at their house in about 1985. I gathered they moved to Australia. Her lovely sister Linda married "Pre" Pretorius (I think) and they may also be in Australia. Would be lovely to catch up with her. She knew me as Valerie Hunt.
I live in UK.
Many thanks
Valerie (Hunt) Malcolm

Graham Bristow looking for Mr and Mrs Alf Randall and Richard
In the late 60s when living in Rockhampton, I was a Scout Leader and had contact with a family with a poultry farm at Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast. The family was Mr & Mrs Alf Randall and they had a son Richard, who attended The Rockhampton Grammar School. Richard also was a member of the Warripari Scout group & in 1967/68 attended the Jindalee Scout Jamboree in Brisbane.
The Family returned back to Rhodesia in approx 1969/70.
Possibly the parents would be in late retirement years & Richard would be age 66 approx. I would be grateful if you can help with information on how I may be able to renew a friendship contact.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Graham Bristow

Mike Mays is compiling a nominal roll of all former members of the Rhodesia Prison Service.
“I am desperately searching for any and all details of all former members alive or dead of the Rhodesia Prison Service as I am a former member myself and I am compiling a nominal roll of this little known unit which was in fact part of the Security Forces of the Rhodesian Bush War.
“In particular I am searching for John and Rosie Edmonson who were last known to be somewhere in Wales, UK as he is a mine of information that I require.
“All persons who have any information of former members of the RPS no matter how distant their relationship may have been or how little they may have known of them would also be highly appreciated.
“Our numbers are dwindling fast and I need to complete this roll asap and your assistance would also be extremely valuable and appreciated by myself and those that are left which cannot be many by now!
“With my sincere thanks and deepest gratitude.
“Yours under the Green and White.
“Mike Mays
“Former BSAP and RPS”
Contact this website and you will be sent Mike’s email address.

Vaughan Taylor looking for Fiona and Jamie McIntyre
Vaughan is looking for Fiona and Jamie McIntyre who is her younger brother and may be a gynaecologist. Fiona was born about 1952, daughter of John and May in Salisbury.
James McIntyre has responded with both addresses, many thanks. 15/05/2020

Tamas Langley looking for Shirley and Chris Tomlinson
Tamas’s folks had friends who were tobacco farmers a little south of Salsbury named Dave and Pauline Tomlinson.
They had a daughter named Shirley, one son named Chris and another whose name I can’t remember.
I would love to make contact with any of them.

Dorinda, daughter of Gavern Smith, is looking for her uncle Webster and Beverley Smith.
Gavern Walter Smith and Ronelia Ann Smith were in Shabane and have the following children: Wendy, Wayne, Dorinda and Diane. Dorinda would like to notify Webster Smith and Beverley, his wife, of the passing of her mother and his sister-in-law, Ronelia Smith.
Webster Smith is the brother of the late Gavern Smith, Garrick Smith (in South Africa), and Humphrey and Judith Smith (in Zimbabwe).

Alan Morkel looking for Claudine Jackson and Judy Midgley
Alan is seeking contact with Claudine Jackson and Judy Midgley

Alan Morkel looking for Hazel Murphy and Rose Barker
Alan is seeking Hazel Murphy at Chaplin School c 1960-1961 and also Rose Barker from Bulawayo

Hazel Wilson looking for Tony Moore of Shabani
Tony owned the Nilson Hotel in Shabani 30 years ago

Paul van Hoeck looking for widow of Ranger Richard Smith
Paul van Hoeck is looking for the widow of Ranger Richard Smith who was killed in Matopos in 1976. Paris and Richard had two children Amber and Richard and they were last known to be in Chisipite, Salisbury.
A response was received on 20/11/2018, and contact has been established again, thanks Piers.

George Riegl looking for Thora Parsons; and Nick Ensor, Mike Jeffery and Graham (Jim) Boardman from St Georges
George is looking for Thora Parsons (Salisbury, 1966); and Nick Ensor, Mike Jeffery and Graham (Jim) Boardman from St Georges in the 50s.

Robert Hilton looking for Darryl and Jenny King from Umtali
Robert Hilton is looking for the sisters, Darryl and Jenny King from Umtali.

Mary Herbert looking for Jean or Reg Harris from Salisbury
Mary Herbert asks does anyone know the whereabouts of Jean or Reg Harris from Salisbury? Reg used to run a tourist boat on Kariba and they had two sons Ian and Allen.

Sheryll Thomson looking for Brian Johnson
Sheryll Thomson née Brown from Bulawayo is looking for Brian Johnson who emigrated to Australia in 1977.

Bernard Mukwaira looking for his grandfather Thomas Takawira RIP BSAP 1979
Bernard is unable to find records of his grandfather who was with the BSAP and lost his life on service in 1979.

Craig Cameron looking for friends from Dudley Hall, Norton, 1978-84
I am interested in locating and contacting any Dudley Hall school compatriots from 1978 to 1980. I was 14 years old when I left Dudley Hall. I immigrated with my parents to Perth in Western Australia to start again.
I am hoping to connect with Karen Jane Yvonne Curtis who I met in a YMCA camp in Calgary W.A. in 1987. Also Ian Fitzgerald, Paul Stratton, Gary Fuller, Herman Duart and Guy Cannan. Nigel and brother, Mr Botha, Melanie Naumann and Fiona Kirkman and anyone else who remembers this time period and would like to make contact with me. I would love to hear from you guys now anywhere in this the lonely world of planet Earth.
Craig Cameron, Craig's Handyman Services, Morley, Perth, Western Australia

Beverly Jaboor (née Bayley) looking for her school friend from Queen Elizabeth.
I am looking for a school friend who was at Queen Elizabeth Girls High with me in 1960. Her parents were Australian and farmed (not sure where) and she was a boarder at school. I believe they returned to Australia. Would love to make contact again.

Mrs F Cloete looking for Ruth Cox
Mrs F Cloete is looking for Ruth Cox from Chaplin School, Gwelo

Liam Dillon looking for David Lane
I am looking for an old mate who served with me in Intake 101 of Rhodesian Regiment in 1969. His name is David Lane. The last time I saw him was in Salisbury (Harare) at the Punch Bowl before he went overseas. I, on the other hand went to the UK and am still here. I would very much like to hear from anyone who was in the same intake in Bulawayo.
Kind regards to all
Progress report 15/04/2018 - David Lane is reported to be in Northcliff, Joburg but no contact details are to hand yet.

Liz Vickery née Cormack looking for John Edward Russell
I am looking for contacts for John Edward Russell (photographer with the Herald and Chronicle papers). Also his wife Dawn and Tracey.

Vivian Huckle looking for Sheila & Quentin Gibson
Viv and Steve Huckle have been living in Perth, Western Australia, for the past 27 years and are looking for Sheila and Quentin, originally from Bulawayo, who are in Pietermaritzburg.

Naomi Butters on behalf of a gentleman from Zimbabwe.
I am writing to you on behalf of a gentleman who is currently at Churchill Hospital undertaking treatment for Leukemia.
He is 66 and came over to England from Zimbabwe to work but fell ill and has been residing in the hospital since August. Due to his inablity to work and the fact he has not lived in the UK for a number of years he has been unable to receive any funds or benefits. This man is selling his property in Zimbabwe but until then he is without any income.
I am looking for support for this gentleman.
Many thanks,
Naomi Butters
Social Worker at the Churchill Hospital (Oxford).
01865 235433

John Joseph looking for Cheryl, Air Rhodesia ground hostess.
John is looking for a friend who he met in Salisbury in May 1977. Her name is Cheryl. She worked for Air Rhodesia as ground hostess and her friends Colleen and Claire also worked there. Cheryl resided at St Tropez apartments, Jameson Ave, East Salisbury and later moved to Arcturus Rd. Greendale, Salisbury. A beautiful person who only deserved the best in life. Her favourite fragrance was Nuance. I would like to contact her as a friend and just love to know how her life turned out.

Sue, widow of Alan "Mazinc", Leadbeater.
Alan passed away a few years ago and Sue welcomes contact from old friends, Rhodies clubs and associations in Yorkshire, UK, and anyone who was with Alan in Intake 119.

Martin Anderson knew Robert Gash and Pam his sister and is looking for Pam.
Martin met them in Kenya and Robert moved with his family to Umtali, graduated at Gwebi College with Course 23. He signed up with BSAP during NS and was posted to Bindura where he was subsequently killed in action in 1979. Martin is looking for Pam.
Two responses were received in 2018. Martin has made contact with thanks to all.

Barbara Eastes looking for wedding date for Barry John Eastes and Gloria Edwina
This is a long shot but hopefully I can help my son obtain what he is looking for. He is trying to obtain a British Passport but needs the date of his mother’s marriage to his father, better still, get a copy of the marriage certificate. Mother Gloria Edwina married to Barry John Eastes. If anyone out there knows or can be of assistance please let me know. (son in question is my step-son, Antony, and father cannot remember date of marriage to his mom). Ant lives in SA, I reside in the UK. 09/07/2017

Clyde Smth looking for Beverley Stewart and Ben Whittaker
Beverley Stewart née Clora. Ben was in Harare and married to Tony. 06/06/2017.

Ubbiali Luigi looking for information and photos of pilot J H Bennie WWII
Sergeant Pilot James Hogg Bennie was born in Finland in 1926 and served with 237 Squadron, Rhodesian Air Force volunteers. He died in his Spitfire north of Italy on 13th April 1945 and is buried in the WWII cemetary in Milan. Ubbiali's father was at the crash site and Ubbiali wants to complete the documentation. 21/05/2017

Kay Nadat looking for charity work
A single mom and pensioner looking for fulltime or part time or flexible. 06/05/2017

Simon looking for information about Walter Bailey Wilson
Walter was born on 7th April 1947 and was in the military. Any information would be appreciated. 08/03/2017

Chris de Meyer looking for Intaf Chiredzi
Chris is looking for Kevin Coyle, Schalk Grobbelaar, Robb Todd and Paul Vickery who all served with Internal Affairs in Chiredzi. 04/03/2017

Peter Hartley looking for anyone from Course 5 at Gwebi College of Agriculture
Peter has lost contact and would enjoy hearing from fellow students who graduated in 1955 - A G Ade, J C A Browning, M H Carey , F J Cilliers (Fred has been found), B N Dykes, T W Harper, G J M Langham, M J Leonard, J W Lowe, P J Norvall, D A Oates, A Robertson, P J Rowland, J G Samuel, D H Stodart, P N Wingfield and C M Zartmann. 28/02/2017

Mrs Joubert looking for sister or the widow and son of her cousin Salomon “Solly” Joubert
I am looking for any information regarding my cousin, Rhodesian Air Force Flight Sergeant Salomon “Solly” Joubert, who died in the Chimanimani mountains in 1971 and is buried in the Warren Hills cemetery in Harare. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who was on the Outward Bound course on 11 December 1971, when he fell to his death whilst leading the group; it must have been a reasonably traumatic event for all the youngsters concerned, so I hope there will be someone on here who recalls the incident. More importantly however, his son, who was around age 5 when he died (and may be age 52 now), some time back (2007?) posted on a website hosting a thread for Old Rhodesian Airforce stories to say he was desperately searching for links to his father and father's family, but the associated email address no longer works and we have failed to locate him through other means. If anyone could offer a lead in either tracing Solly Joubert's widow, Salomon the younger, or any of his other family, it would be greatly appreciated. My cousin also had a sister, Elsabé (married to a Theo Naudé, late fifties or early sixties) who lived in Pretoria at the time. If I can find her, she would be able to tell me what happened to my cousin’s children. I would very much like to come in contact with any of the two children my nephew had.

Information has been received, with thanks, from Chris Dickinson and from "Desp Seeking Rhodie Zim" on Facebook regarding Solly's children; and was passed on to Mrs Joubert.
Mrs Joubert has advised on 04/11/2020 that contact has been made, thanks to all.

Marie Bredenkamp looking for Murray and Meriel Hofmeyr
I am looking for long lost friends:  Murray and Meriel Hofmeyr.  Murray was a pilot in the Air Force in the sixties and seventies. 27/02/2017

Robin Franks looking for Barry Dilton Hill
For some years I have been trying to locate Barry Dilton Hill who was my Gwebi senior year roommate and Bestman. We left Gwebi 40 years ago (Course 13) and I have not heard a word. I would appreciate any news. 10/12/2016

Gerry Clevelend looking for information about Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson was in the Police Reserve Air Wing then 43rd Flying School at Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He then went to South America.
Progress report 16/04/2018 - some details came forward regarding Peter Wilson, but this was a false lead.

Gerry Cleveland and wife looking for Jane Pringle
Jane Pringle is the widow of Inspector Fred Pringle who ran the Police
Reserve Airwing Office at PGHQ. Fred died and Jane may have returned to the UK.

Gillian Nell looking for Victoria Cummings
Victoria is daughter of late Mrs S A Cummings and sister of late S C Cummings, formerly of Norton.


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